Australia announced plans to shoot and kill thousands of camels

Similarly, what if, rather than scapegoating nonhumans for resource scarcity, we accept that humans are primarily responsible? Our focus should get on the human behaviors that are creating these scarcity problems. Camels, for instance , only exist in Australia because colonists brought them there to explore the outback. Camels now sleep in autonomous communities, and humans are blaming—and executing—them for water scarcity. Yet Australian animal agriculture is far more responsible for this problem, along side other environmental problems.

We also got to be thoughtful when assigning responsibility for violence against nonhumans. Our focus should get on the societal structures that make human-nonhuman conflicts and therefore the people in power who work to uphold these structures. In Australia, for instance, the people most to blame for the deaths of the camels aren’t the Aboriginal communities who approved the “cull”; instead, the people most responsible are the climate change-denying political leaders (and their supporters) who created this predicament.

Many conflicts with other animals can disappear over time if we restructure society to be more inclusive of other species. The more territory and resources that we protect for other animals (for example, by creating parks and reserves), the less that these animals will got to enter “our” communities trying to find food, water, or homes. And, the more accommodations that we create for other animals in “our” communities (for instance, by making buildings and roads more animal-friendly), the less conflict there’ll be among humans and nonhumans co-existing in these spaces.

As we work to create a more just society for humans and nonhumans alike, what should we do about thirsty camels, hungry pigs, and other such animals? we’d not, during this deeply imperfect world, be ready to treat everyone within the manner they deserve. But we can—and must—envision better ways of living with other animals now. If we will a minimum of discuss perceived conflicts without describing animals as pests and invaders or treating violence because the default solution, then we’d be surprised by how humane we will be.

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