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Scottish Labour Party Introduces Legislation for Longer Jail Time on Animal Cruelty

Scotland’s Animals and Wildlife Bill

Mark Ruskell, a Scottish Green Member of the Scottish Parliament, also proposed amendments to the bill. “Moving amendments to the Animal and Wildlife etc Bill,” he wrote on Twitter. He wrote that the amendments would “extend powers of the Scottish SPCA to detect wildlife crime, make landowners liable for damage to beaver setts, [and] use restorative justice to deal with wildlife offenders behavior.”

“My proposals could give this Bill real teeth by giving the SSPCA the powers they need to investigate wildlife crime,” Ruskell told STV News. He added: “Currently the service cannot gather evidence to prosecute these crimes, even when they know about them. That’s ridiculous.”

The Animals and Wildlife Bill now goes to stage three where it’ll be heard by the whole Parliament. Once it passes the third stage, the bill are going to be submitted for Royal Assent to become law.

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