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Trump’s plans to use nuclear weapons on hurricanes to stop them from hitting U.S.

Donald Trump reportedly asked top national security officials to consider using nuclear bombs to weaken or destroy hurricanes
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In August, Donald Trump reportedly asked top national security officials to think about using nuclear bombs to weaken or destroy hurricanes. Now, one member of Congress wants to make it illegal for Mr Trump, or any president, to act on this concept , which experts say would be both ineffective and very dangerous.

On 1 June, Sylvia Garcia, Democratic representative for Texas, introduced the global climate change and Hurricane Correlation and Strategy Act, a bill that explicitly prohibits the president, along side the other agency or official, from employing a nuclear bomb or other “strategic weapon” with the goal of “altering weather patterns or addressing climate change”.

Ms Garcia said that the bill was drafted as an immediate response to last year’s report that Mr Trump has floated the thought of nuking hurricanes. Mr Trump denied ever making such a suggestion in a tweet shortly after Axios published the initial report.

The bill, which has no co-sponsors and no hearing date, appears unlikely to form it out of committee anytime soon. it’s been cited in three committees: Armed Services; Energy and Commerce; and Science, Space and Technology.

With no companion bills within the Senate, the probabilities of it appearing on the president’s desk, much less being signed into law, are slimmer. But after hearing Mr Trump’s alleged comments on nukes and hurricanes and researching the difficulty further, Ms Garcia felt she had to a minimum of get the thought of a ban on using nuclear weapons to disrupt the weather on the table.

“When I heard our president suggest that we would have liked to launch a weapon of mass destruction to disrupt a hurricane, my first thought was that’s a very dumb idea,” Ms Garcia said, in an interview with The Washington Post. “When we did the research, we found that others have thought of that concept before.”

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